Workshop: Breathe Life into Mobile UX with Solid Architecture Lessons

Nathan WalkerAlex Ziskind

Nathan Walker & Alex Ziskind

Posted Jan 19th, 2020


Lively and performant Mobile app UX is often where the rubber meets the road. Learn best practices with Angular and NativeScript to achieve great mobile results.

Dynamic Sweet UX Frame Dynamic Sweet UX
What feels right to the touch while being simple to use can be quite difficult to achieve in practice. Lively and performant mobile app UX is a key factor to any mobile app's success. Making the right architectural decisions early in the development process can make or break the ability for a team to bring an app to market. Doing so will help clear common development roadblocks allowing more creative liberties to be taken without distractions later in the process. It's very easy to overlook a certain architectural decision early because they can be (let's be honest) not as fun. Most of us want to build the user interface that makes the app shine on the outside and get on with the development as a whole. As we all know well, what can be pretty on the outside, could be pretty ugly on the inside. No matter how big or small, certain architectural patterns can benefit an app's development for a long time to come, and that's what the [upcoming workshop is all about](,lt7-artwm3i). Here at nStudio, we've just completed a mobile app built with NativeScript for [Sweet](, a fan engagement platform where both artists and fans win. [The mobile app]( provides a simple and fun user experience to encourage discovery and highly influential actions. The app's development brought significant technical challenges where the benefits of solid architectural patterns and best practices shine throughout. It's also where using [NativeScript]( is a sheer joy for developers to work with. We will be doing several workshops in 2020 to learn many of the practices and patterns used in this dynamic app development including but not limited to the following topics: 1. Taking control of app bootstrap and the options to provide a smooth launch experience 2. Networking best practices with interceptors to handle the often shaky world of mobile network jumpiness 3. UX timing - take control of rogue timers by streamlining the way you engage with them 4. “The Photoshop approach to view building” - a powerful and unique NativeScript way to build expressive views 5. View binding performance gotchas 6. Angular and NativeScript benefits 7. Nx + xplat - scalable workspace development 8. Debugging in practice 9. Overview of tips/tricks