Passionate about implementing creative solutions for you.


The team's background encompasses technology, audio/video production and education/consulting.

A desire to help and empower others between community contributors in technology began to grow in 2016. This desire was propelled by a passion to find robust, effective and creative solutions by combining uniquely different backgrounds. This is the result, formalized in 2017, to provide an effective outlet for others to work alongside in their projects.

While offering specialties across web, mobile and backend development spanning several technologies including but not limited to Angular, Node, DotNet, NativeScript, iOS/Android, Objective C/Swift, Java/Kotlin, the team also provides custom plugin development for specialized needs.

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  • Mobile development

    UX is a driving factor in any successful mobile product. Each platform provides rich and familiar interactions, which users have come to love. We would love to help you achieve great results in your mobile projects.

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  • Custom plugins

    When your team is hard at work on project objectives and needs a custom plugin, we can help you achieve your feature goals.

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  • Web, Mobile, Backend

    We are available to partner with your team to jumpstart large projects covering web, mobile and backend assignments.

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our team

  • Nathan Walker

    Nathan Walker

    Nathan is our Angular advocate and expert. He is the visionary and artistic mind behind some of the more adventurous things we do. Living on the west coast he's as smooth as silk and one of the friendliest people you'll ever work with.

  • Brad Martin

    Brad Martin

    Brad is the Android guru you wish you had on speed dial. Most of the time he's writing TypeScript with NativeScript apps or using Angular and VueJS for cross-platform applications. If he's not programming or with his family, you can find Brad hanging around a gym somewhere curling in the squat rack.

  • Shiva Prasad

    Shiva Prasad

    Shiva is an Angular Evangelist, Machine Learning enthusiast, polyglot developer and loves NativeScript. He's our Lionel Messi of SpeedCubing. You won't find a more helpful and passionate developer than Shiva.

  • Igor Randjelovic

    Igor Randjelovic

    Igor is passionate about building life-changing applications and he is the genius behind the NativeScript+Vue integration. You won't find any spaghetti around his work as he's particular about having a clean plate on the table. Whether it's simple or complex, Igor can handle it from a-z.

  • Alex Ziskind

    Alex Ziskind

    Alex is the founder of NativeScripting which offers rich video courses on a growing list of topics. He is also the founder of Nuvious which services a diverse set of clients and software projects. When he's not authoring courses on Pluralsight or speaking, you might find him tweaking a synthesizer somewhere.

  • Osei Fortune

    Osei Fortune

    Osei works hard to deliver well executed and highly optimized code. He's skilled in many frameworks and platforms. Including NativeScript, Ionic, Capacitor, Android, iOS, Angular, and VueJS. When Osei is not working hard he's living the Caribbean lifestyle enjoying the many rums of Trinidad.